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Here’s How this System Works

Everyday, after the market closing time, our proprietary algorithm, calculates the Trend of each ETF from your portfolio.

At this time, if any of your ETFs has change the trend, from Down to Up, or from UP to Down, you'll get an email notification.

Although we highly suggest to use ETFs that are following big Indexes (Nasdaq, Dow Jones, International Indexes as well), you are free to add your own Stocks in the Trend Manager and see the Trend Signal for them.

When one of your ETFs starts to break from its trend we issue a sell signal. We normally don’t buy at the lowest point, and we usually sell after the ETF peaks, but this allows us to show consistent gains without exposing ourselves or our customers to unnecessary risk.

Most of trend signals last for several months (Although it varies from one trade to the next)… This allows for long term growth and minimizes excessive trading activities…

Allowing you to focus on other things besides worrying about daily fluctuations on your investments.


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The only limitation of this system is that I cannot receive notification emails when the trend changes and I can use only 3 stocks/symbols.

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